Anne Marie Walters, Annie, is a Photographer and Sculptor with nearly 25 years experience working on Film & Television Productions within Special Effects, Pyrotechnics & Prop Making. Credits include: 'Goldeneye', 'Saving Private Ryan' and 'Children Of Men'.

"Since the birth of my baby boy in 2011, I have spent less time on Film Locations and more time working from home. With my ability to create relief sculpture, portraits as relief pendants or miniature art can now be commissioned. A home studio / workshop allows every aspect of the commission, through sculpting, moulding and casting, to be in my full control".

"I originally trained as a Graphic Designer using extensive photography to transfer my 3D illustration into flat designs. I have a passion for photography and learnt to SCUBA dive so that I could take underwater photographs. My interest in the underwater world, and work as a Diver, has fuelled my style of colour use as well as a series of relief illustrations featuring marine life".

In Photography, a portfolio of 'Leaf Sculptures' gained a 'Finalist' award in the 'International Garden Photographer of the Year'. Plant and underwater photographs have received awards in other International competitions. In relief Sculpture, collaborations with companies such as 'The Alternative Limb Project' have been published and exhibited internationally.

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